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Achieving new goals using conventional technologies

The purpose of mining is to produce mineral resources from the Earth’s crust. It is common knowledge nowadays that mining is under unfavourable conditions in many countries. Professional importance, however, did not diminish due to mining procedures being used to achieve new, different goals such as tunnelling or the construction of underground storages.  

Besides, the relevance of ore mining also did not decrease, as a result of electronics manufacturers using more and more rare-earth elements and conventional metals. Mecsekérc Ltd. is an experienced partner in any tasks regarding traditional mining.

Highly qualified specialist workforce

We have licensed mining engineers and mining technicians at our company’s disposal. Our professional resource base has the extensive academic knowledge and comprehensive fieldwork experience.   


Mining activities
  • Managing, coordinating and technical supervision of mining and mining engineering tasks. 

  • Supervising, controlling and documenting the construction, operation and maintenance of mining structures, underground and surface service facilities.  

  • Designing and performing cement, colloidal silica gel and resin rock injections.

  • Organization and planning of required acquisitions, preparation and management of mining, underground construction, water management, road construction, goods handling, landscaping tasks and surface earthworks.

  • Providing mining expertise and contribution to tender- applications to be submitted by the contractor.

  • Preparing and executing mining technological development.

  • Technological supervision of remediation works. 


The experience gathered through former mining activities entitles us not only to the extraction of mineral resources but allows us to perform underground construction tasks applying mining techniques. Some illustrative examples are given below:


  • Gyöngyösoroszi tailings pond

  • Bátaapáti low and intermediate level radioactive waste repository (National Radioactive Waste Repository)

  • Remediation of the Pécs uranium mine sites


Underground expertise

High volume earthworks, underground construction, underground and open pit mining activities require complex knowledge and diversified experience. Mecsekérc Ltd. undertakes a full range of services for their contractors from planning the equipment via purchasing to accomplishment.

Our company possesses every asset required for the efficient implementation of water management, road construction and landscaping tasks:

  • Large and diversified equipment

  • High-performance machinery

  • Cutting-edge technologies

  • Geodetic and geotechnical knowledge and expertise.

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