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Highly qualified specialist resource base


Hungarian engineering knowledge stands up for international comparison. The motto of our company is that successful execution and long-term success can only be achieved by experience and professional engineering work. We are therefore paying particular attention to the training and education of our colleagues.

The engineering service of Mecsekérc Ltd. can be divided to three distinct, although closely related functions.


1. Field work


Field work plays an essential role in our activity, a few illustrative example are in situ measurements, sampling and the associated laboratory tests, compounded by planning these tasks and processing the data and the assay results thereafter.

2. Planning and expertise


The second important service is engineering design and expertise. Relying on measurements, laboratory tests and the data provided by the contractor our professionals create plans and expert reports in the field of applied earth sciences (geology, soil mechanics, lithology, geophysics and hydrogeology).


Coordinated work between different departments and fields is essential to accomplish these tasks in which we gathered immense experience through different long-term national projects (remediation of the Pécs uranium mine, the Bátaapáti underground research and the construction of the National Radioactive Waste Repository, the Boda Claystone Formation investigation projects). 

Engineering design and expertise

  • Environmental planning and expertise

  • Mining planning and expertise

  • Geological planning

  • Hydrogeological tests, planning and expertise

  • Geothermal exploration and development, expertise

  • Soil mechanics planning and expertise




The licensing of the completed plans is also a fundamental part of our activities. During the accomplishment of the above-described national projects our staff established daily contact with the authorities competent for each specific job.


Regular discussions and consultations can contribute to the successful licensing of various activities.

Our educated and experienced engineering staff is well qualified in the following fields:

  • Geologist

  • Environmental engineer

  • Geographer

  • Mining engineer

  • Biologist

  • Electronics mechanic

  • Construction supervisor

  • Draftsman

  • Geodetic engineer

  • Geodetic technician

  • Certified mine surveyor

  • Licensed land surveyor


If you are in need of an expert team of well qualified professionals for planning and completing tasks, Mecsekérc Ltd. is your best choice. 

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