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Measurements and data processing using cutting-edge technology


Being able to support remediation and underground construction activities with own laboratory examinations is Mecsekérc Ltd.’s unique advantage which promotes superior service with a professional resource base.  The serial number of the accreditation document of the laboratory is NAH-1-1370/2019. The National Accreditation Authority extended the existing accreditation status complying with the MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard until the 7th of November, 2024 in a decision awarded on the 7th of November, 2019.

The laboratories at Mecsekérc Ltd. are able to perform the most up-to-date water chemistry, soil chemistry and radiometric assays. The samples taken on the field are immediately conserved and brought into our laboratories for further testing and measurements, then on-demand reports are made based on the software data analysis. 

Safe radiometric survey


Nuclear energy utilisation requires continuous radiometric monitoring for increased safety. In addition to the detection of specific radioactivity, the high-tech laboratory of Mecsekérc Ltd. is capable of measuring the following parameters:

  • radon concentration

  • radium content

  • uranium isotope content

  • radioactive element migration

Detecting and measuring radon exhalation is suitable for monitoring the remediation of former uranium mining sites.


A wide range of water chemistry assays


The whole range of underground and surface water chemistry analysis is available after proper, careful sample preparation in our central laboratory. In addition to determining the total soluble element and the heavy metal content, our laboratory is capable of testing uranium content with high accuracy by the fluorescent method.

There are trained technicians working with the leadership of well-qualified engineers in our accredited laboratory, which specializes in measuring the concentration of chemical elements, toxic and other metals and semi-metals.



Soil mechanics examinations with experts

The determination of the mineral composition of different rocks is only achievable by making thin sections, which is a common task in our central laboratory, but separating mineral components also does not raise any concern. The load-bearing and compaction capacity tests of complex soils are helpful for road construction and reclamation works.

Determining yield strength as well as the nuclear density test are required to construct any earthwork. An analysis and a report are made with our unique software solution based on the data acquired, which in turn aids to determine the parameters of reclamation and underground construction activities.

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