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Efficient and first-rate coordination

Being the main contractor means more than executing construction phases one after another. The key to being effective is optimizing separate processes and harmonizing and coordinating special subcontractors’ schedules. 

Mecsekérc Ltd. acts as an efficient general contractor supported by quality technological equipment, decades of project leading experience and the outstanding performance of their engineers.


Major investments – complex solutions

Major developments require the coordination of many professions and all kinds of knowledge. It became more than having adequate machinery and qualified workmanship, but thorough designing, careful calculations and precise process management are also exceedingly necessary nowadays.

Our well-trained professional resource base possesses remarkable project leading experience, which combined with the advanced IT background helps us to execute even the most complicated developments.


From the birth of an idea to closing a project


There are sophisticated consecutive work phases following each other from the emerging of a thought to handing over the keys. The initial images are verified by an exploratory research and design plans are made accordingly, which can be carried out by Mecsekérc Ltd. The knowledge of the necessary data and how this whole process works increase the effectiveness and security of the implementation.

The coordination of the processes guarantees the success of a major development. This is accomplished by using the ability of Mecsekérc Ltd. to plan and execute a major investment internally, which is not only cost-efficient but also certainly prosperous.

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