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Social mission


Geological research is the essential knowledge-based activity of Mecsekérc Ltd. This function is of great importance in many respects, as it contributes to understanding and satisfying societal needs.


Social needs and goals:


  • Resource and energy supply,

  • Environmental protection,

  • Drinking water protection,

  • Utilization of geothermal energy,

  • Utilization of thermal water,

  • Regional development.


Mecsekérc Ltd. has an extensive professional record regarding the field of geological research. The up-to-date knowledge of our qualified professionals stands up to international comparison.

Our geological research contributes to the realisation of the following activities:


  • Determining the base of major infrastructural projects[BA1] [KB2] 

  • Implementing the disposal of radioactive waste

  • Geotechnical preparation of water reserve protection

  • Geological planning​​

Geological exploration boreholes

Exploration boreholes drilled by Mecsekérc Ltd. allow shallow and deep geological research. The boreholes can be as deep as 2000 meters in order to ensure that the geological setting is correctly identified.

Due to fast installation and efficient drilling by mobile drilling rigs the geological exploration significantly improves the security of projects. Reclamation of the drilling site is done using the original soil. 


Geothermal research


Geothermal energy is one of the most reliable amongst alternative energy sources. With help of Mecsekérc Ltd.’s exploration wells not only the geothermal characteristics of geological formations can be identified, but it is also possible to prepare the wells for geothermal heating systems.

Geothermal research consists of exploratory activities defining the geological, hydrological, geochemical and geophysical features of the rocks. 




Is it mandatory to carry out hydrogeological exploration to utilize water reserves in an appropriate way. To understand the position and geological surroundings of water resources, cross sections and geological maps are made subsequently to the data analysis.

By the exploration and modelling, it is possible to estimate the yield and size of the water reserve which allow sustainable management of water resources. Mecsekérc Ltd. contributed to numerous thermal water utilization projects, planning and carrying out efficient usage of thermal water bodies located underneath settlements. 

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