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High-quality service – outstanding professional background.
MECSEKÉRC Ltd. then and now.


The beginnings


The beginnings

1955 – 1997        Uranium ore mining and processing

1993 -                  Extensive research, joining the investigations for the disposal of low, intermediate and high-level radioactive waste

1997 -                  Mining site abandonment: remediation and reclamation works

2000 -                  Environmental protection, the establishment of an underground test laboratory

2004 -                  General contractor activities

2005 -                  Underground construction jobs




What we are doing nowadays is entirely different from what we were doing in the past. Leaps in technology and innovation can only be successful if environmental protection is kept in mind. We at Mecsekérc Ltd., therefore, deem the mitigation and remediation of environmental damage our primary task. 

Complex services: design, construction, licensing
  • Designing and constructing underground storages using mining techniques (e.g. low and intermediate level radioactive waste storage investigation, natural gas and LPG storages, pumped-storage power plants).

  • Investigating, preparing the final and/or temporary disposal of radioactive and hazardous wastes and constructing the required buildings.

  • Planning and constructing uranium industry reclamation in Central and East European countries.

  • Complete reclamation of the harms caused by mining and other environmentally damaging activities in addition to the required landscaping works.

  • Soil mechanics investigation, supervision and planning of earthworks.

  • Environmental damage assessment.

  • Planning, constructing and licensing environmental damage control works.

  • Geological, hydrogeological and mineral resource investigation.

  • Planning and construction of geological, hydrogeological and soil mechanics tasks of major infrastructure investments (e.g. road and rail construction).

  • Investigations, planning and construction activities related to protecting drinking water reserves.

  • Open pit and underground mining and obtaining mining rights.


Accredited laboratory


Mecsekérc Ltd. operates it’s own accredited laboratory (Serial No.: NAH-1-1370/2015), which is capable of carrying out sampling, radiometry, chemistry, geoecology and soil mechanics investigations.


Extensive international networks


Due to our wide professional networks, we are working closely with several Hungarian professional companies and cooperating with the majority of academic and university research institutions. We are broadening our international networks, in which our colleagues speaking English, Russian, German and Spanish provide valuable assistance. 


Quality control for superior service


During our work we comply with the requirements of the following quality management systems:

·       ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

·       Environmental Management System defined in ISO          14001:2015

We believe that innovative environmental protection can only be achieved by applying professional engineering knowledge. More than half our 130 employees, therefore, have a university degree and great technical experience

Professional background

Key professional areas

  • Mining

  • Geotechnics

  • Geology

  • Hydrogeology

  • Geophysics

  • Geodesy

  • Chemistry

  • Energetics

  • Environmental protection and land reclamation

  • Cartography

  • Soil mechanics


Csicsák József


+36 72 535 370


Csicsák József


+36 72 535 370


Monostoriné Mellár Orsolya


+36 72 535 370

 Chief Environmental Officer

Földing Gábor


+36 72 535 842

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